I watched the changing of the guard ceremony at the Chung Yeung Shrine in Taipei, Taiwan.
The Changing of the Guard Ceremony is one of the most famous touring events in Taiwan, and you should see it at least once.


The scenery of Jiufen, Taiwan.
This place is said to be the model for the Japanese animation Spirited Away, and it has a very nice atmosphere with lanterns on the streets.
It’s said that dusk is the best time to visit, but due to time constraints, we only went here at noon this time, but I’d like to visit again at dusk.


We went to the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.
We saw all sorts of wonderful exhibits, especially the famous national treasures of Chinese cabbage and stewed horns.
I would like to visit the museum not only this time but also again.


We took a stroll through a food stall village in Taichung, Taiwan, and visited a pastry shop called Miyahara Ophthalmology. I felt very energetic at night in Taiwan.

Din Tai Fung Taipei Taiwan

I went to Taipei, Taiwan to eat Din Tai Fung and it was very good.
Not only was the famous soup dumpling, but the other dishes were also very tasty and enjoyable.


This is a picture of my visit to Taipei 101.
The observation deck was very beautiful, with a panoramic view of Taiwan’s cityscape at night.
It was also the first time I’ve seen an elevator with so many buttons.

Hair clip (Accessory) hanger

Since I’ve been making more handmade hair clips so, I made a hanger for a hair clip.
My daughter and I went for a walk in the river and I picked up some driftwood and used it as material.

Shell hair clip

This hair clip is designed in the shape of a seashell made from oak wood.
Designed the streaks of the seashell by making the annual ring in a vertical direction.

Heart hair clip

I designed it in the shape of a heart with an annual ring at the center.

Crescent moon hair clip

I made this hair clip from a cherry tree for my daughter who loves crescent moons.
I made it so that the thickness of it would make a cute accent.

Half-round hair clip

I made a light-colored, half-round hair clip by cedarwood for my daughter’s request. I designed it so that the rings of years would look beautiful as a pattern.

Driftwood hair clip

I made a hair clip for my daughter out of driftwood I picked up when I went to the river.
I didn’t change the shape of the driftwood, but sanded the surface and used Livos exterior oil for the finish.