Category: Design

Apple Watch Stand made by Lego

I didn’t have a charging station for my Apple Watch.
I shared my daughter’s Lego and saw that I had made an Apple Watch charging stand.

Data Bank style Apple Watch face

Apple Watch faces (wallpaper) design.
It’s like a data-bank design.
3 color design.
Black, Silver, and Gold
If you like it, It’s a free download.

Checklist w/number list 1 to 3 rows

I made a notes template that can be used in the Notes app (Good Notes 5, Notability).
In this case, I made a template with an additional numbering field in the checklist.

Checklist 1 to 3 rows A4 size

I wanted a notebook template for myself, so I made a checklist template in this case.
It can be used in apps like Good Notes 5 and Notability.

Apple Watch face (Mt Fuji)

Mt. Fuji (fujisan) Apple Watch face designed by my daughter

Apple Watch face (Data Bank Style)

I like the design of Casio’s databank, and I made it for my Apple Watch dial.
A nicer Apple Watch wallpaper has been created than expected.