Category: Cutlery

wooden spoon

A spoon made of magnolia wood
Beeswax finish
Perfect size for holding tea leaves, salt, etc.

Wooden spoons for children

I made a larger spoon for my child as he grew up.
The overall length is short, but I made the scooping part a little bigger to make it easier to eat.

Cutlery stand

A cutlery stand made from a branch of a cherry tree found in the mountains.
I made it to put spoons and other things on it.
The finish is beeswax.

Handmade Rice Bowl

Unlike the conventional rice bowl, I made an indentation so that you can put chopsticks in it.
Even if you put not only rice but also a side dish, you can put chopsticks.

When I used it, it was easier to use than I expected and I liked it.

Cherry blossom branch stir sticks

I made a stir sticks out of cherry blossom tree branches I picked up when I went for a walk in the mountains with my family.


I thought about making something with cherry blossom branches that I picked up with my daughter when we were walking, and after thinking about it, I made a spoon.
I just hollowed out a branch, but it turned out surprisingly well.
I used it to make a jar of sugar.

Handmade Coasters and Potsherds

Handmade coasters and potsherds that my daughter decorated with tiles.
My daughter designed and stick the tiles on, and I finish them.
I felt my daughter’s great sense of design, even though she is a silly parent.