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I thought about making something with cherry blossom branches that I picked up with my daughter when we were walking, and after thinking about it, I made a spoon.
I just hollowed out a branch, but it turned out surprisingly well.
I used it to make a jar of sugar.

Handmade Coasters and Potsherds

Handmade coasters and potsherds that my daughter decorated with tiles.
My daughter designed and stick the tiles on, and I finish them.
I felt my daughter’s great sense of design, even though she is a silly parent.

Handmade Toy

wooden grip for the plastic bottle rattle.
material of wooden girip is Yellow Cedar.

Frist Toy

Handmade wooden toy.
The first toy for my baby, made up in a small size.
parts of the wood is, circle item is a willow, bar is a japanese cypress ( hinoki cypress), ring is a beech ( japanese beech).