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Vegan Christmas Cake

This year’s Christmas cake is a Vegan cake. flourless and sugar-free rice flour and tofu cream.


healthy Tofu sweet with an organic soybean tofu base, fruit, sugar, and everything else organic.

It has a strong tofu flavor and even though it’s sweet, it tastes very healthy and delicious.

VEGAN CAKE (cocoa & soybean milk cream)

My wife has been making a vegan cake lately to come up with ingredients for a cake that my kids will want to eat.

VEGAN CAKE (cocoa & orange)

Vegan cake.Rice flour, soy milk, rice oil, pure cocoa, orange and chia seeds.Cut oranges and rosemary for decoration.No wheat, eggs, milk.

Homemade Pizza

I went to make homemade pizza in a stone oven.My daughter seemed to realty enjoy her first homemade pizza experience.I feel that outdoor activities are very important in terms of education for children.

Din Tai Fung Taipei Taiwan

I went to Taipei, Taiwan to eat Din Tai Fung and it was very good.
Not only was the famous soup dumpling, but the other dishes were also very tasty and enjoyable.


Steamed vegetables made by a Dutch oven.
Dutch oven food made over a bon fire is delicious.


Photo at the cafe.


(Chinese food) Shanghai food I ate in Shanghai


The Spanish food I ate in Spain was very good.