Category: Gunma

Nakanojo Biennale (Art event)

The Nakanojo Biennale is an international art festival held in Nakanojo town, in the Gunma prefecture. The diverse landscape features magnificent mountains, Ramsar sites, and hot spring villages.

Gunma Museum of Natural History

Gunma Museum of Natural History is a focuses on natural history and introduces the history of life and the nature of Gunma Prefecture.


Harunajinjya (Haruna Shrine) is located in Takasaki Gunma Japan, and is said to be a famous power spot. It will be built in 586.

Ota City Northern Sports Park

Ota City Northern Sports Park is located at Ota Gunma Japan.It is free to open during the winter months, and the illuminations make the park gorgeous.


Serada Toshogu is a shrine located in Serada Ota Gunma Japan. It is one of the Toshogu shrines whose deity is Ieyasu Tokugawa as “Tosho Daigongen”.