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The Spanish food I ate in Spain was very good.


Frigiliana is a one of the beautiful white village Andalusia Spain.
In the alley, there are white houses decorated with cobblestones and flowers, and the blue Mediterranean seen from the window is a very beautiful fairytale village.


Nerja was a beautiful city with the blue Mediterranean sea and white buildings.


Alcazar of Cordoba was a castle with beautiful gardens and ramparts.


Mezquita is unique in the world where two religions of Islam and Christianity coexist.
Inside, there is a mysterious space where a Christian cathedral was built in a mosque of Islamic culture.


At night in Cordoba, the Mezquita seen from the Roman Bridge was very beautiful.


The historic center of Cordoba is a World Heritage Site, with a mix of Islam and Christ Mezquita, expansive Alcazar gardens, a labyrinth-like Jewish quarter, and beautiful flower paths.


Montefrio is the most beautiful village in Spain and the place where I was taught and visited in Granada.
The village, which was shaped around a natural rock mountain, was a very beautiful and beautiful village.


The Alhambra was a beautiful palace that is said to be the masterpiece of Islamic culture.
Everywhere I look at the palace, I was very impressed by the perfect beauty.
It is a place I want to visit again in my lifetime.

CATHEDRAL (Granada Andalusia)

The cathedral of Granada was very beautiful and impressive.

FLAMENCO (Granada Andalusia)

The flamenco I saw in a small theater on the Albayzin hill in Granada was very powerful and impressed.


Granada, Spain’s Andalusia region, has a very nice atmosphere and is a comfortable place to spend.