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Antler and wooden pendant head

I made this pendant head as a birthday present for my nephew.
Made it out of cherry wood and deer antlers with wooden beads to match.

Wooden Bracelet

A wooden bracelet made for my daughter and his wife.
We used a loop for the daughter and cut a loop for the wife to make a bangle.


A pear-shaped pendant head made of oak wood.The finish is a natural oil finish.

Oakwood pendant

This pendant head is made of oak wood.It has a natural, natural oil finish.

Peartree pendant

This pendant head is made from a flower pear tree.
It has a natural oil finish.

Drop-shaped pendant

I decided to make a cute little pendant head.
I made a drop-shaped pendant head out of oak wood.


My daughter said she wanted a ring, so I hollowed out a cherry tree and made a ring.

Crescent moon-shaped pendant with wooden beads

A crescent moon shaped pendant head made of cherry wood and decorated with wooden beads.

Shell design pendant

Pendant head with a seashell design, decorated with beads.
Made by an Oakwood.

Wooden beads bracelet

My daughter asked me for a bracelet and I made one out of wooden beads.

Shell design pendant

My daughter’s request, I made a pendant with a seashell design.
Added wooden beads as accents to complete the look.Made by a young cherry tree.


At my daughter’s request, I made a brooch in the shape of a star.It was quite difficult to scrape the star design by a knife.The brooch was made from a cherry blossom tree.