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Casa Batlló is a dreamlike building, and I felt the greatness of Gaudi with a design that can be understood even through the times. I thought that I could live in such a space.


Casa Batlló This is a nice building by Gaudi, with a nice design that pays attention to the exterior and interior details of the building. In addition, the colors used by Jujol make Gaudi’s building look more beautiful.
This is my favorite building by Gaudi.


Casa Mila becomes Gaudi’s mansion. It is a beautiful curvy building with a feeling of Gaudi.


Park Guell is a residential area designed by Gaudí, which has many nice buildings, and is decorated by Jujol to create a more beautiful space.It was a wonderful park that I would like to visit many times.

Sagrada Familia (internal)

The exterior of the Sagrada Familia is amazing, but the interior has a wonderful space that cannot be imagined.

Sagrada Família (appearance)

Sagrada Família is located at Barcelona Spain.
I really love this church. I wanted to arrive Sagrada Familia again.
Church of the Sagrada Familia”. While still under construction, it is said to be the masterpiece of architect Antoni Gaudi, who was also called a genius and a madman.