Tag: hair clip

Shell hair clip

This hair clip is designed in the shape of a seashell made from oak wood.
Designed the streaks of the seashell by making the annual ring in a vertical direction.

Heart hair clip

I designed it in the shape of a heart with an annual ring at the center.

Crescent moon hair clip

I made this hair clip from a cherry tree for my daughter who loves crescent moons.
I made it so that the thickness of it would make a cute accent.

Half-round hair clip

I made a light-colored, half-round hair clip by cedarwood for my daughter’s request. I designed it so that the rings of years would look beautiful as a pattern.

Driftwood hair clip

I made a hair clip for my daughter out of driftwood I picked up when I went to the river.
I didn’t change the shape of the driftwood, but sanded the surface and used Livos exterior oil for the finish.